This module contains the Metadata class, returned by parser methods in the module. This class provides a consistent way to refer to metadata returned by different detectors/instruments, and also contains a dictionary of all of the metadata as scraped from the parsed file.

class islatu.metadata.Metadata(local_path)[source]

Bases: object

An ABC for classes that store metadata parsed from data files. This defines the properties that must be implemented by parsing classes.

abstract property default_axis: ndarray

Returns a numpy array of data associated with the default axis, where “default axis” should be understood in the NeXus sense to mean the experiment’s dependent variable.

abstract property default_axis_name: str

Returns the name of the default axis, as it was recorded in the data file stored at local_path.

abstract property default_axis_type: str

Returns what type of default axis we have. Options are ‘q’, ‘th’ or ‘tth’.

abstract property detector_distance

Returns the distance between sample and detector.

abstract property probe_energy

This must be overridden.

abstract property transmission

Proportional to the fraction of probe particles allowed by an attenuator to strike the sample.